Rosside Telephone Box

We have been making slow progress with the Rosside Telephone Box. The Parish Council are endeavouring to turn the light in the phone box back on for the small community at Rosside. This is proving to be a challenge! The latest progress is that the Council have price for a solar panel which seems to be affordable. As the council pursue this a question has been raised over what the telephone box could be used for as there is now a large some of money being invested into it.

If you have any thoughts on the use of the phone box please contact Councillor Hobson via email on

Downloadable Content

Some of you have been struggling to download the latest minutes and agenda that has been approved. We are happy to announce that the problem has now been rectified! It was due to some coding in the back end of the site that took some tracking down so apologise for the wait and thank you for your patients.


Parish Council Grants

The Parish Council has funding available to groups within the Parish.  If you wish to apply for your group then please email the Clerk for further information. We also have some funding available for new Parish Projects. If you have any ideas for future projects within the parish please come along to a parish council meeting or contact the Clerk.


Clerk Vacancy

Our will resigned in January so there is a vacancy for a part-time Parish Clerk. The position is 4 1/2 hours per week. The vacancy will be advertised over the coming weeks in the local press however anyone interested can contact the Chair.